Wolfgang Zandt


The place of retreat. Ideally it provides protection against foreign, disruptive and unnecessarily distracting influences. A habitat of peace, rest, reinvention. But the geographic scope of the rest of the world blocks, despite of digital media, to a significant extend the access to the unknown, the unexpected, the surprising, and in the long term it limits the continuous expansion of the mental horizon, especially at the level of sensory perception.


A treasure can be plainly visible, secretely hidden or even immaterial. The phenomenon of appropriation of the property of the selfsame is usually inexplicable, or at least difficult to comprehend and marked by unexpected strokes of chance or fate. Loss of the treasure means the return in the realm of mere mortals, mostly without a chance to return to the dimensions that the treasure once opened.


Fame is the general social acknowledgment and the highest praise for exceptionally accomplished spiritual, intellectual and physical performance. Nevertheless, the legitimacy and the surrounding truth are questionable in countless cases – the mainstream is often in error.


The encounter with the products of the arts, music, literature or even the mundane banalities of everyday life, surrounding contradictions and contrasts, exhilarating and poignant or even traumatizing experiences which have to be processed , love (for details), anger, aggression, despair, challenge, fascination for the different, the novel or even the known, and according to Freud, the desire for sex, steadily push especially the artistic nature. But the source of the drive must not dry up and has to be fed continuously.


Once you think you have achieved it, it collapses into itself and reveals itself as an illusion. The few blocks that remain of countless illusions left as part of a possible truth form together with constantly flowing, further findings and insights to a new total illusion.


Idealists in search of change and innovation. Courage, fighting spirit, conviction and not be afraid of disappointment, failures and missteps of any kind are essential prerequisites to the constant search for the unattainable goal, which can only be approximated in stages.

time journey

In a travel-loving society exploring the different eras are a widespread and desirable experience of invaluable insightful scope. By knowing the past, we understand the here and now; through the knowledge of the future subtle fears in the present get their entitlement or experience withdrawal of selfsame. Certainty about the future destroys the potential of surprise, which is essential to all of us of.


Dedicate your whole life to your conviction – mediocrity in a lukewarm broth of apathy or resignation are the only alternatives.


Vice and error carry by far more potential than perfection and solidity, but are also a lot more arduous and difficult to stand and to keep in check!


The faithful servant in a life of dedication to the feudal lord, addicted to attention and affection or
the unpredictable partner, yet coexisting in a symbiotic community, which preferably blazes unobserved its own trails in the shadows of the night, whose true passions remain hidden in the dark until the very end. Nevertheless, she remains true to you and always returns from her mystical missions unscathed and voluntary. Fortunately and nastily she plays out her sadistic passion only against inferior subjects.