Sandra Torralba


I see myself as a grandmother living with my husband in the mountains with a studio in the garage, cooking marmalade for the grandchildren and running an animals shelter… For now we live in an apartment with 2 cats and my studio in the lounge planning for the kids and except for the marmalade, it feels equally great.


Various treasures: my husband, my cats, my family and my imaginary world.


It intrigues me what makes people famous, so many times it’s such surreal and random reason.


my brain fuels itself, not sure how, it just runs very fast and I follow.


everybody has a piece of the jigsaw


Chuck Norris.
Just kidding.
I admire many people.

time journey

being awake


Sacrifice is an emotional option that to me relates to resentment.
A matter of choice: if you decide to do something consciously and thoughtfully then it does not feel like a sacrifice. Only when you don’t want to do it or when you stop wanting to do it, may you feel resented and the act becomes a sacrifice, but that’s telling you that you shouldn’t have done it first place or you should stop it, if you can.


i like beer


yes, both.