Reinhardt Sobye


home is where my beloved wife is. There is only one way to understand our existence…it is to experience it’s depth…it’s core…it’s intention. And that, how ever stupid it may sound…is “love”.
We are truly blessed because we were born in a spot on earth with still intact biosphere…This give your soul a fundament for determin what is “good” and what is “bad”. We have both lived for years in big cities in Norway and UK…and our choise by default will always be the vast forest in eastern Norway, part of the Siberian Taiga…small lakes with water so pure you can drink it straight ahead…abundance of fish you can eat…You have to be aware of bears, wolves, elks, deers….
This is home…because it is what God intended us to live inside. All the rest…it’s just Mammons war for thousands of years…turning our living legacy into dead commodities.


the human soul not tainted by consumerism, materialism and the escalating suicidal civil war we are taught to believe is the “human condition”.


fame is another word for attacking your own soul…your own integrity…be a traitor to your commitment to something much bigger than your self. Fame is poison. It is ridiculous and empty.


your ability for love, sacrifice and empathy. When you are dying you are desperate for a purpose for your life…not a red Ferrari.


knowing that God is in the Others eyes…seeing you.


my wife Ida, the late norwegian author Mr. Axel Jensen (who died courageously and with his great sense of humour…from the awful desease ALS), Mr. Arnold Juklerød (a true norwegian hero), Jesus Christ (if he ever existed).

time journey

I have hopes on behalf of the human species…but since I have not been intoxicated by daytime televison or the vain hope of winning the lottery…I never give time journeys or
other snake oils any consideration.


all defeats…all humiliations…all pain…They all (in aftermath) pointed to another possibility…I cannot deny one and accept the other. So sacrifice was untold stories about my
perpetual present.


I am afraid of eternity.


If this a an opportunity to reveal any preference; I like dogs…they like me. We know something about loyalties and community. We love to play.