Piotr Rambowski


Does not everyone. It is a great desire in me, to have a home. Haus am See. 


It sounds better in German: “Schatz”


Everything I do leads me to success, and so I stride forward from success to success.


My engine is nature, not technology.


Hmmm let me think …


I belong to a generation which had not so many heroes, they can look up to. The spot is not directed at them.
But I think it will change soon.

time journey

A time travel I would like to do. I would like to travel back in time and see what is happening in the future.
But will this happen in my stage of life is no longer probable, except in my imagination.


Every human sacrifice something to get something he wants.
It is not always what the person gets the same size as the victim of what he brings it.
The feeling of redemption that is what drives us.


Every day I try to free myself, so my vices does not crush me.


I am a monkey