Pere Llobera


Is the place I love to be. I am not a nomad, and thats quite exceptional confession inside art surroundings. The best day in my life was not the birth of my soon or my daughter (the people use to say that, but I was so stressed to enjoy the moment). Was the day Me, my partner and my two children were enjoying Karate Kid in television. What a saturday!!!! 
 I would love to have a Rock and roll style of life. But that gift has not been given to me. I enjoy what I have. My home is a “curated” place. We don’t only enjoy commercial movies; sometimes we are all together looking high quality  cultural things. The last one a Karen Dalton video on Youtube: Something on my mind. Absolutely great!!!!!


Sorry for the using of the cliché. But nature is the only one treasure for me.


Is the disease of our time. All of us are infected by(sorry for the metaphor Mrs Sontag wherever you are ), but I think it is true. ¿may be it is television we have to blame? Sorry to answer you with another a question.


The product of the rational brain. Today I have been inside a print company. I was amazed by the brain that creates all those machines. I thought to myself: Thank god there are people able to create this machines, because I am not able to do nothing for myself. I need the others.


Heart of gold/Hey hey My My (Neil Young) 
Caprichos (Goya)
All that jazz (Bob Fose)
Thomas de Quincey
and many many others
Resume: use the time in life to let an opinion grow
The human brain sometimes is impressive. When this capacity wants to work in the good direction is wisdom. Create the rocket V-2 is not wisdom.


They exist. There is people with an amazing courage. I feel jealous about those people. I am not that kin doff person.
Probably I have a lot more to say about that issue, but….

time journey

Do you mean the everyday life during the day? (I told you about my english level). Sometimes I feel like a professional tennis player. Hours and hours to get the difference between the well done and the excellence. the other day I was walking and thinking about my profession and I realized that people who buy my paintings or art works are buying the product of  my everyday fight with this subtile difference.


In my opinion there are different kinds of Sacrifice. Working in art for me is not a strong sacrifice. If I need to paint during days in a really boring background I am glad to do it. At last we chose this kind of sacrifice. The real Sacrifice is a serious thing, a hopeless thing. 


“The supreme vice is superficiality” Oscar Wilde. This sentence has been tested during years by me. At the beginning I was not sure about the truth of those words. But as time passed by and I am still hating  the superficial people. Probably will be necessary to explaine later what’s superficiality or not. An example: ironical people use to be superficial people(or may be only self-protection attitude)
Sometimes I use this kind of humor because is really tempting to do it. But I am wrong doing it. May be I have already done it here. I have excuses: is late at night/I don’t know you well/ and we get a pleasure with the superficiality of our humor.
resume: Superficiality is the worst vice I agree with Mister Wilde


may be is a metaphorical question. I am not sure if there is a trick in this question. But I promise you to be serious, and I will be.
I prefer the dogs. My partner says that I have this preference because Dog follows our instructions, and I have a profile that loves this domination game. May be she is right(I told you I am not a hero, or a perfect person) and she knows me for a long time. May be I need this kind of relation with animals, and see them innocent and, unprotected like children. But may be it is a nostalgic feeling. When I see the sweet eyes of an small animal, or a dog, probably I think of the innocence lost of the children. 
Cats have no innocent eyes. Not comparable with some dogs. And they have no sentimental relation with more than one person(its rare if they accept more than one person). I have been caretaker of cats and dogs, sometimes by accident, sometimes not. I will  never have any kind of animal anymore. I am done with it.