Moritz Frei


How about working at home today?¹


It’s the simple things you treasure.²
Now, if you had a treasure, where would you hide it?³


The more scribbled the name, the bigger the fame.⁴
I’m tired of the fame.⁵


It’s a simple rule. If the engine’s humming, it’s already started.⁶


My wisdom is simple.⁷ Wisdom… ‘is the province of the aged…⁸


Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamp.⁹

time journey

I believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey.¹⁰


To some, it is just a word.¹¹ But it is a sacrifice required for the future of the human race.¹²  


It was never drinking. Obviously, it wasn’t doing drugs. My big vice was food, and before I knew it, I wound up weighing 425 pounds.¹³


When I was younger, I thought cats were the girls and dogs were boys.¹⁴

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