Marion Andrieu


“La casa es pequeña pero el Corazón es grande”.




15 min every day, after brushing your teeth






BIchette, Doña Ruth, Yaba, Sphía, Jenny san, Lylia, Jean Paul Gros, Babette, Manie, Jeannot and Francette, Faustino, Sista Geneviève, Sophie Louga, Trapito, Joe, Catcho de Nacho, F., La Rata, Billie, Nina, Zin, Blöde Kuh, Marlene, Lulu, Snoop, Lester, Féfé, Rosa, Angela, felah, Manon, Maître Capello, Audrey, Didi, Pupinsky, Marie, Flore, Anders, Mathias, Florent, Saiana, July, Jazo, Carotte, Xelito, Edith, Rem, Nnag, Louisa, Maelito, Ramataupia, Iceberg, Gaëlle, Mémé 6 pierres, Michel, Alex Guil, Ute (The only Chuck Norris), El Dojo, Renée, Natasja, Aude, Helen, Chavela, las niñas de los peines, Carmen, Mariona, Camarón, Ijan, Sbub, Kawa, Najib, Souade, C.Buika, Clarà, Peter, Susanne, Camille, Kasimir, Shirley, Piero, Fiodor, Pier Paolo, Edouard, Aurélie, Gerasim, Virginie …

(Recite free style on Rock Co.Kane Flow Ft. MF Doom/ De la Soul)

time journey



Noun, Act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to god or to a divine or supernatural figure: They offer sacrifices to the spirits / the ancient laws of animal sacrifice.
– An animal, person or object offered in this way.
– An act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy: We must all be prepared to make sacrifices.
– Christian Church Christ’s offering of himself in Crucifixion.
– Christian Church The Eucharist regarded either (in Catholic terms) as a propitiatory offering of the body and blood of Christ or (in protestant terms) as an act of thanksgiving.
– Chess a move intended to allow the opponent to win a pawn piece, for strategic tactical reasons.


Stringer Bell 


Bergamotte, Ascott, Falstaf, Roxane, Ginger, Gribouille, Lili and loulou, Charlie, Felix, Péggie, Louise and Mila.