Malin Persson


Sometimes warm and sometimes the place where you feel most alone


When you can read in between the lines


Glitter and sorrow


Inspiration. Always start out with an abstract thought which becomes more clear and finally appears in one line or dots of colour.


To learn from others and the mistakes ones makes


The ones who lost a precious person in life

time journey

If you have 14 books with each 1000 pages and it would take us one million years to read one page it means that our existence in history begun in the last sentence in the 14th book. When the caveman understood how to make a drawing on the wall. The last 2000 years from now on can be described as the last dot in the 14th book (.) this is our modern history on earth that we learn and read about in school. The time journey just begun.
Theory from professor Robbert Dijkgraaf


Once self if necessary


To be


Two different characters that both can be a challenge at home