Jonas Liveröd


Right now I want to talk about mistake, misunderstanding and misdirection as forms of inspiration and practical direction in art. The refusal to accept an agreement about how the world works and the purpose that we as human beings have in invention. Changing the polarity of cause and effect – if you see what I mean?


Doubt is always a very healthy ingredient in art. I have more doubts now than ever before,
and really embrace the idea of potential failure. My aims and processes are not of conviction and progress but of doubt and questioning, of despair and wonder.


I haven´t got much to comment on pride – well, I am pretty proud that I can wiggle my ears and finally got my drivers license. And that I have never given up.


Yes, once in a while. I am a nice fellow but do explode on occasion. In the right context I find rage a good thing.


revolutions per minute!


Not being able to sleep properly. Ever.


What do I put my faith in? Lucid dreaming, golden domes and embroidered jackets, things pretending to be sculpture, the invention of Hysteria, vintage mind-control machines, lost objects, found objects, the architecture of insane asylums, woodcuts, roadside memorials, Ad Reinhardt, camouflage, authenticity and pretenders, Werner Herzog, photocopies, hoaxes, the concept of the private museum, towers and helicopters, blowfish, the ghost of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, pilgrimages and misplaced art history. And of course adventure, always put your faith in adventure.


Truth is an interesting concept, I have heard rumours that it exists somewhere out there, but it might also just be mythological animal, possibly furry and uncomfortable in the best of ways.

www. as well as my private treasure chest which can be found at


Anything that is related to space is voyeuristic, mind-boggling and pornographic. I love it.