Jaap de Vries


I’ve got two homes; a domestic place where I live, sleep and make love to my wife,and a place to work en invent new images, a kitchen for new idea’s. I eat at both places


my treasure is my studio, the paintings that are part of my life, they show devellopments and progress.


since I’m raised as a calvinist protestant I’m very much opposed fame. It’s a reversal of values. At the same time I can smile about it. I’m not looking for fame, since my reward is allways waiting in my studio…


sexuality and the struggle for life (I’m a real darwinist)


since all values are reversabel I don”t n know what wisdom is? Is it the good or the ugly? I prefer the ugly, and mistrust the good.


my heroes are Michael Haneke(film) Francis Bacon (Art) and Omar Rodriques of The Mars Volta (Music)

time journey

I don’t have anything with S.F. or time traveling; every beautiful day, when passed, will never return again.


since I’m allways part of a flow, I don’t feel I have to sacrifice anything…


I started early 1987 with an exhibition ‘Esthetics of senselessness’, and I still think it’s the best denominater I could ever find. It covers charge. It’s about attitude and about visual art.


we’ve always had a dog, with my familie, with my kids and now with my new wife as well. However, I don’t have any thoughts about them.