Iris Musolf


makes me sometimes feel more alone and lost more than elsewhere
the place where I wish myself when I really want to be alone and lost
in protected intimacy where I do things I won’t do in other peoples home


breathing love
extend contradictions
with strength and failing


for a few
hard to hold
hot to have
dance with the devil
seen not felt
solitude in a body


doubts and ruptures
falling down and standing up
dreaming of driving one day
like a Mercedes Benz


rare and precious quality of a person
I wish to become a wise lady when I am old


Quentin Tarantino in his own movies
Louise Bourgeois’ pink puppets and drawings
Martin Kippenbergers sense of humor
Michel Houellebecqs characters
Helmut Schmidts elocution
Patrick Süßkinds Grenouille
Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina

time journey

Living in the area around the cave of Lascaux, Vézère Valley, 17.000 und 15.000 before Christ
At some point in the future to see how humans and machines merge


health is suffering


Serie Junkie:
Make It Or Brake It
Breaking Bad
Sex And The City
Nip Tuck
running out of patience


wish I could fondle a cat every day