Dale Grimshaw


A place where one can feel warm, safe, relaxed and secure. A place where you don’t have to justify yourself or have to worry about being yourself.


Usually something that you have, are given or are shown but you just don’t realise how precious and special it is at the time.


Often mistaken for importance. I’ve more chance of achieving world fame as a postman than a painter. Painting is out of fashion. 


Whether it’s a band, a relationship or a company – the engine keeps everything going and in time. Probably not appreciated enough.


You learn more and more about less and less. Then you realise how little you really know.


Best not to meet them – there’s a possibility that you will have an strong overwhelming urge to bitch slap them, once the initial novelty has worn off.

time journey

I would love to go back centuries and see the places where I was born or have memories from and see what life and the landscape was like. Especially the medieval period. No Black Death for me though, thanks.


I admire people who sacrifice their lives, careers or liberty for the benefit of other people or creatures. I’m far too much of a selfish bitch to embrace this vocation too much though.


This word has religious or moral overtones for me. But yes, one should try most things in the vice category at least twice.


I respect them both, along with lots of other animals. The Brits are very sloppy & sentimental about about cats & dogs. In China they either skin them for fur or cook them. Preferably while they are still alive.