Anna Luczak


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I like doubt. I like neurotic characters, Woody Allen type of guy, who doubts every sentence. I feel connected.


Being confronted with the task of filling up this questionnaire, I am forced to think about Talking Heads (1980) by Krzysztof Kieślowski. It is only about 15 minutes long and to be found here: Generally, it is really difficult to say something smart or exciting in a short form like this without saying obvious things, but I love it anyway.


A few days ago, an artists Anouchka Oler has send me this text in the context of a new project she is working on:
They say we are narcissistic. I say we are lonely. Our families aren’t here. We don’t live in one place for long.
To survive we must compete, which keeps us isolated. Even when we succeed our jobs come to us in bits and pieces. We don’t know what our neighbors think.
Liz Magor, Burn, burn, burn




To be scattered between different places of the world, without the feeling of belonging anywhere in particular.


in making the right choice.


I find the idea of “truth” quite fascinating. What is interesting is to find the two most polarized stand points, a complete opposites, and really make the effort to understand them both. 


Today I have learned that Joseph Roth became an alcoholic, his wife was mentally ill, and his last years were difficult, moving from hotel to hotel, drinking heavily, and becoming increasingly anxious about money and the future, finally died prematurely in Paris in 1939. I was also reading terribly bad poetry by Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissy), who wrote in her testament to only open her writing 60 years after her death.


Observing Earth from the cosmic space would scare me to death. (I saw Sandra Bullock in Gravity trying some of these tricks, and it was too much for me already)