Agnieszka Chojnacka


I would like to get up early in the morning and be a better person, an artist who does unusual, great true, unspoken, funny and witty things.


doubts are good. however, there must be the right proportions.


a difficult case. pride comes from time to time and only for a moment.


is just not good.


One million people who decided to cook tomato soup for dinner or one milion dogs which are jumping out of joy  as  they are walked out.


it’s a constant lack of something important; or maybe this is a special emotion felt when your bus just drives off during a very cold night. 


I believe in many things. This is  a beautiful feeling.


is of paramount importance. it is the basis of every good work. I’m absolutely sure about it. If we are not sincere in our creative work it is always dull or just without any value. 


As I doubt my work, I often delete my website. Then, I again activate it for I know that I have to be more assertive.


when I say quickly sun and moon without a stop, then I can hear the word, salmon.